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  • This website made projet management and its external communication easier.
  • An e-learning platform allowed all the articipants to interest : students, teachers and experts were able to share their results, think together on the impact this work of memory can have on their own life, compare their conceptions before and after the visits, define a methodology to create the e-Book, compare prototypes…
  • Technical and pedagogical training were be offered to the different stakeholders of the project.
  • A steering committee (with the different project stakeholders and external evaluators) ensure the project coordination and evaluation.
  • During the different project phases, particular emphasis will be put on teachers’ feedback on the activities proposed to the students, in class and outside school (particularly during the visits).
  • Throughout the activities, the teachers completed logbooks and, at the end of the projet, assessed the impact of this experience using a questionnaire produced by the partners.
  • Surveys created commonly by the partners were be proposed to the students before and after visiting sites of remembrance in order to measure the evolution of their knowledge, their conceptions, their attitudes…