History / description of the selected site

  1. General history of the location / site

    N.B. To be taken into account if the site was not created out of nothing by the Nazi. Examples :
    - Breendonk : fort of the fortified ring of Antwerp, built in 1906 and bombed in 1914. Headquarter of the Belgian army between the 10th and the 17th of May 1940.
    Enclos des Fusillés (Citadelle – Liège): building of the old citadel then barracks of the Belgian army, turned by the Germans into a detention site for resistance fighters.

  2. History / description of the location in the context of Nazi concentration and extermination camps

      • Typology : concentration camp, extermination centre, prison, transit camp, execution site, museum, etc.
    • Location (+ possibly the reasons for this choice)
    • History + description :
      - creation ;
      -  shutting down/evacuation/liberation;
      - evolution of the place;
      - categories/number of prisoners/deportees/people executed/victims;
      - presence of Belgian people?
      - presence of famous people?
      - description of the event (for the monuments/ memorials);
      - etc.
  3. Historique après la guerre

    Several possibilities. Examples…

    • The location is immediately turned into a museum/memorial. In this case, describe the adjustments (in particular, note whether if the location has been preserved as it was or whether there have been transformations, reconstitutions, etc.) and the evolution of the “memory discourse” on the site (ex.: Auschwitz)
      • The location is used for other purposes before becoming a site of remembrance (ex.: Mechelen. The Belgian army uses the barracks before it is turned into housing and the creation of the museum in the front part of the building).
      • For a monument : date, artist(s), promoter (public authority, association, etc.).

Virtual visit / Itinerary

  1. Topography / structure of the location
    1. Documents / supports

    Bibliography + websites + filmography

    Practical information

    In particular, contact details of the location, guided tours, other activities, reference works, educational file available...